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FORMULA: MPa x 145.0377
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Looking for a MPa to psi conversion chart or table? Really.!?...what is this 1979? put away your slide rule

If you really want to know how many megapascals in a psi the use the modern online conversion calculator above. Simply enter the Megapascal value in the box labeled MPa the press the awesomely labeled "convert" button and there you go your Pound-per-square-inch answer will appear in the box below conver labled "psi".

That's it! You no longer need a slide rule, a conversion lookup table or even a calulator.

To convert psi to MPa got to this page.

If you still must table/chart and you don't like typing MPa values in a box and pressing convert then scroll down and check out the most common queries we get on this site

The most popular MPa to psi conversions

Below are the top 14 most popular conversions

MPa to psi

Conversions for MPa to psi values
  • 1 MPa to psi = 145.0377
  • 30 MPa to psi= 4351.131
  • 250 mpa to psi = 36259.425
  • 50 mpa to psi= 7251.885
  • 5 mpa to psi = 725.1885
  • 40 MPa to psi= 5801.508
  • 35 mpa to psi = 5076.3195
  • 50 mpa to psi= 7251.885
  • 400 mpa to psi = 58015.08
  • 25 mpa to psi= 3625.9425
  • 21 mpa to psi = 3045.7917
  • 0.1 mpa to psi = 14.503770000000001
  • 0.8 mpa to psi= 116.03016000000001
  • 7 mpa to psi = 1015.2639