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You may need to use the above calculator so you don't run fowl of car insurance companies trying not to pay you what they owe you.

If your tires are the wrong pressure in an accident, then they could be classed as defective. As it's your job to keep them the correct pressure this could be used against you in your insurance claim!

  • A normal tire pressure for cars can is 220 kPa/32 psi
  • Over-inflated tires will wear more quickly, and are also dangerous because of the increased possibility of a blowout. 
  • Under-inflating wears out the sides of the tire, and is actually a driving hazard.

Tire pressure and auto insurance

Bloomberg news recently talked bout this.

"According to the poll, 58% of people do not know what the correct tyre
pressure is for their vehicle with18-24 year olds being the key culprits. On
top of this, 1.4% of people don't even realise that their tyres need air."

The big auto insurance company AllState has some good reasons why to check your pressure

" Keeping the proper air pressure in your tires provides a comfortable ride for you and your passengers. Properly inflated tires usually get better fuel efficiency compared to poorly inflated tires. Changing temperatures can affect the inflation of your tires."

Find out more here

Not only can it help you with your Car insurnace claim but properly inflated tires save you money on Gas. This comes from no less then the The Department of Transportation who actually estimate that 5 million gallons of fuel per day are wasted due to low tire pressure. Yes that is more than 2 billion gallons per year, just because people don't take the time to inflate their tires properly.

So save money on Gas drive safe and check your tires.

Comman Conversion Requests

Below are some of the most comman conversion requests

KPa to psi

Conversions for MPa to psi values
  • 1 KPa to psi = 0.145037738
  • 30 KPa to psi= 4.35113214
  • 250 KPa to psi = 36.2594345
  • 50 KPa to psi= 7.2518869
  • 5 KPa to psi = 0.72518869
  • 40 KPa to psi= 5.80150952
  • 35 KPa to psi = 5.07632083
  • 50 KPa to psi= 7.251885
  • 400 KPa to psi = 58.01508
  • 25 KPa to psi= 3.6259425
  • 21 KPa to psi = 3.0457917
  • 0.1 KPa to psi = 0.014503773800000001
  • 0.8 KPa to psi= 0.11603019040000001
  • 7 KPa to psi = 1.0152639