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Megapascal (MPa) to ksi (Kilopound per square inch) Conversion

You want to know how to convert mpa to ksi? i will show you in this article, but first, do you know what is Megapascal or even Kilopound per square inch? 

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Megapacal is the mega unit which is used to measure the intensity of pressure, that is, force per unit area. The word Pascal originates from the Blaise Pascal. One unit of megapascal is equivalent to 1,000,000.00 pascal units. Megapascal is normally used in measuring the pressure of heavy machines like hydraulic system. Megapascal is used because the pressure of these heavy machines cannot be measured in pascals.

You can convert megapascal into other units of pressure with ease. megapascal is the IS (international system) of unit used for measuring pressure. It is used to assess the strength of certain objects. Megapascal helps us to get the requirement of force for completion of work. Although it is being used in many countries, there are countries which uses pound per square inch (Psi). The value of 2500.00 psi is equal to value of 18.00 MPa this means 2500.00*0.0068915. 

Megapascal is often used in construction industry so as to understand the needed MPa for the construction of a structure which depend on the weight of the structure and the load. MPa can be converted into other units of pressure as per the needs of an individual. Both the MPa and Psi are used to measure the pressure of heavy machines.

Kilopound per square inch

Kilopound per square inch is a unit used in measuring pressure or stress. In fact, it refers to the application of 1 kilo pound force per 1 square inch of the surface area. To convert Ksi to metric units, 1Ksi = 6894.75729316800 KN/M2, this means that 1 Ksi is roughly equal to 6894.76 KPa. When it is converted to standard atmospheres, 1 atm=0.0146960 Ksi, this means that one atmosphere is identical to 0.0146960 Ksi.

Ksi unit is mainly used in clarification of relative nature of the pressure to vacuum in comparison to atmospheric pressure. Because ambient pressure is 0.01470 Ksi at sea level, then it is added to the readings made at sea levels. For instance, if a motorbike tire is pumped to 0.0650 Ksi exceeding the ambient pressure, then it will have a total pressure of (0.0650+0.01470) Ksi.

Ksi unit is mainly used in measuring large units of stresses in material science and in selected cases on gases due to its small value. In addition, it measures the ultimate tensile strength including the US customary units and the young’s modulus in British Imperial Units. It is a non metric unit as well as non SI unit for measuring force. 

Megapascal to kilopound per square inch (mpa to ksi)

A Ksi is just a scaled unit which is derived from Psi, 1 Ksi is equivalent to a 1000 Psi.

It is mainly used in testing materials where the material tensile strength is measured very high Psi. For instance A36 steel as an ultimate strength of 58,000.0 Psi.


  • Ksi = kilo pounds/ sq. in (ib/in^2)
  • Pascal = Newton/ sq. meter (N/M^2)


  • Use if you want to Convert Kilopound/square inch to megapascal
  • Use if you are between two points.
  • Or Use for absolute pressure, if measuring psia

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MPa to ksi

Conversions for MPa to ksi values
  • 1 mpa to ksi = 0.1450377
  • 25 mpa to ksi= 3.6259425
  • 30 mpa to ksi/span> = 4.351131
  • 40 mpa to ksi= 5.801508
  • 45 mpa to ksi = 6.5266965
  • 80 mpa to ksi= 11.603016
  • 2 mpa to ksi = 0.2900754
  • 100 mpa to ksi= 14.50377


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