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Megapascal (MPa) To psi (Pound force per square inch) Conversion

So you want to know how many megapascals in a psi ?

Megapascal (MPa) is a metric pressure unit and equals to 1 000 000 force of newton per square meter which is know as a Pascal. 1 MPa equals to 10 Bar. Because of its high pressure ratings is often used in hydraulic and simular systems.

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Kilopound per square inch(ksi)

Kilo pounds per square inch

This is a unit of measuring pressure or it is the avoirdupois units of measuring stress. It actually refers to the application of one kilo pounds force per one square inch of the surface area. To convert it to metric units, 1 ksi = 6894.757293168 KN/M2 this implies that one Ksi is roughly equals to 6894.76 Kpa. When converted to standard atmospheres, 1 atm = 0.014696 ksi. This implies that one atmosphere is roughly 0.014696 Ksi. Learn how to convert ksi to Mpa

This unit is mainly used to clarify the relative nature of the pressure to vacuum as compared to the atmospheric pressure. Due to the fact that the ambient pressure is 0.0147 Ksi at sea level, this must be added to the readings made at the sea levels. For example if a bicycle tire is pumped to 0.065 ksi exceeding the ambient pressure, its pressure will have a total pressure of (0.065+ 0.0147) ksi.

This unit (ksi) is mainly used for measuring the large units of stresses in materials science and rarely used on gases due to their smaller values.

This unit is also used to measure the ultimate tensile strength including the young's modulus in British Imperial Units and US customary Units. The kilo pound is the non-metric and also non SI unit of measuring force.

Ksi is a thousand units of pounds per square inch, therefore to convert it to pounds per square inch; it is divided by a thousand. This conversion will aid in the measurement of smaller pressures like that of gases which are convenient not to express in units of a thousands.

The conversion to metric system is very important so as to facilitate communications between those countries using the imperial systems and the ones using metric systems hence boosting trade. Engineers prefers often to use ksi to pounds per square inches since it reduces mathematical analysis with many decimal points to simpler numerical digits that are easier to work with.